Rev. DeWayne Earl Hicks Sr.

Rev. DeWayne E. Hicks, Sr. is the fourth child of Deacon and Sister Eugene and Martha Hicks. 

Rev. Hicks is a graduate of A. Maceo Smith High School.  He attended Prairie View A&M University but received his Basic & Advanced Biblical Studies and Spiritual & Intellectual Attainment diplomas from Southern Bible Institute.  Pastor Hicks is also a graduate of the School of Scriptures where he received his associate’s and bachelor’s degrees.  He then went back to Southern Bible Institute and received his master’s degree in Theology.  Pastor Hicks completed Texas Barber College in 2011 becoming a licensed barber.  Despite his many skillful talents, Pastor Hicks does not allow them to overwhelm him or stop him from remaining committed to the will of God.  

Pastor Hicks is a truly committed husband to our beautiful First Lady, Barbara Hicks, now for what will be 26 years May of 2020.  Pastor Hicks has been an awesome father to his amazingly talented five boys: Eithan, Lawyer, DeWayne Jr., Christian & Leamon.  Our Pastor is also a father-figure for the youth here at Oak Grove.  He supports them in the church and in their scholastic endeavors. He is truly a great under cover coach.

He takes the guidance of God very serious and he will never preach or teach anything less.  Pastor Hicks prays, preaches, teaches and lives under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  He makes the Bible rich and real to all the people he meets.  He is a Holy Ghost filled leader and counselor who remains committed to the Commission winning souls for Christ.  He is always seen living the life he preaches about!


We the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church have a true love in our Pastor as he reminds us constantly, “Oak Grove, I love you.”  He not only tells us this every Sunday, but he constantly shows us.  He’s not too high up or too far down that he cannot be reached.  One thing we believe to be true and Pastor Hicks reminds us often, "IT GETS GREATER LATER.”