This History was recorded by Sis. Faye Ward (Deceased)

     "Saying, I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee."

Hebrews 2:12


      The Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1904 by Bro. Lewis Jarvis, who donated the land, and then pastor, Rev. Sutton.  Rev. Sutton served as the Pastor of Oak Grove for numerous years.

      There have been many pastors to serve Oak Grove  To name them: Rev. Henderson, Rev. Andrews, Rev. Denson, Rev. Wesby, Rev. J. W. Washington, Rev. Kise, Rev. J. P. Johnson, and Rev. Leo Torrence who all served faithfully until their work down here was done and they went home to be with our Lord.  Other pastors were Rev. Bruce Roberts & Rev. Leron Jackson both who served and are now on assignment at other churches.

     In May 1997, the Lord added unto the church a youth minister Rev. DeWayne Hicks, Sr., his wife, Barbara, and their five sons. The Lord truly did bless Oak Grove in 1997 with added members, baptisms, weddings, and a strong determination to go on in the name of the Lord.  Rev. Hicks was installed as pastor of Oak Grove in April of 1998.

Under the leadership of Pastor Hicks, we as a people of God, have committed ourselves to mid-week prayer meetings and Bible Study with a strong determination to live by God's Word and His precepts.

The Oak Grove Church family was blessed with many associate ministers. Serving now is Rev. Roosevelt Green, Jr. and Rev. DeWayne E. Hicks Jr.

         Some of the earlier deacons of Oak Grove were Dec. Bass, Dec. J. Simpson, Dec. J. C. Ward, Dec. Eithan Jones, Dec. Johnny Taylor, Dec. Michael Jones, Dec. Joseph Fitz, Dec. Anthony Ballard, Dec. Gregory Freeman and Dec. Eugene Hicks. They all helped to lay the foundation on which we who are here today keep building on. Some of these Deacons have gone from labor to reward while others have gone to serve at other churches.

We now have Dec. Roy Jones, Dec. Veon Hawkins, Dec. Robin Richmond, Dec. Thomas Fields and Dec. Harvey Hughes. They all serve faithfully by their Pastor. There are also many young men who help in the service of the church. They too stand strong by their Pastor’s side.

        We issue a special thanks to Dec. & Sis. Eugene Hicks for allowing us into their home when we had nowhere to worship.  However, we remained committed to the Commission.

Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church made 4102 Humphrey Drive in Dallas, Texas its final home in 2000 celebrating our Note Burning on Sunday, March 30, 2014.

In the words of our Pastor, “The best is yet to Come!”